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After her father, step-mother, step-sister and little brother are killed by her father’s employers, the 12-year-old daughter of an abject drug dealer manages to take refuge in the apartment of a professional hitman who at her request teaches her the methods of his job so she can take her revenge on the corrupt DEA agent who ruined her life by killing her beloved brother. Written by J. S. Golden

All English dialogue, shot in New York, USA. A French director’s work with strong Hollywood color. Although it is a commercial film, it is quite artistic.
We were told at the beginning of the film that he was a killer.
The man under the sunglasses is quick and ruthless, a famous killer.
He made a living out of it.
Killers are not killers. For Leon, killers only mean a career, a career he has no choice. In his body, let a person feel the charm of the killer. It was a power in the dark, where he maintained the power of life and death. Like God, in the dark, in the high place, in the invisible place, hanging over everyone’s head, it shows the fragility and nothingness of life.
The soothing harmonica Concerto brings a bit of melancholy. In France’s mild sunshine, the way of living alternates.
Work, take care of plants, drink milk, sit on the sofa and sleep with a gun next to it.
Leon cleanly completed the deal, went home, took off all his equipment and began to take a shower. At that moment, people can see his naked helplessness and fatigue. After that, he irons clothes carefully, sprays flower fertilizer, drinks milk, a brand of milk. A person goes to the empty cinema to watch the song and dance film with relish. He is as fresh and happy as a child. He looks back at the only audience except him from time to time, hoping to share his happiness with others. This handsome and elegant man, wearing pants that can’t cover his wrists and long windbreaker, leisurely swept the streets and lanes, happily singing, and passers-by stopped and watched. Unconsciously, it permeates the loneliness and loneliness of middle-aged men.
Mathilda appears. Twelve year old problem girl, green coat, little red riding hood, fairy tale like delicate sweet face, clear but pointed to the eyes of the people, full of hostility but some timid expression.
When Mathilda’s family was killed and she came to his door with milk and begged him to open the door, his killer career was coming to an end. The helpless girl broke into his life.
“I want to learn from you to be a killer.”
The only warm time in his life is no longer just a person.
She would buy him two quarts of milk, train with him, play mind games with him, and say, “Leon, I love you.” The love of a 12-year-old girl is like a sweet spring, so mellow, without impurities; like sunshine, so warm, dazzling.
Leon’s life changed, and he would laugh, sometimes carefully and gently. A killer is fated to have no love. Love is a weakness.
At night, he suddenly jumps up, puts on the muffler, and points the muzzle of the gun at Mathilda’s sleeping head. But Leon couldn’t push her away. Otherwise, his hands won’t tremble because of tenderness, he won’t be late for business talk, and he won’t be hurt when he kills. The only hint of his inner life is the lush tequila. He takes it as his own life to cultivate, at any time will not give up friends. Therefore, the end of the killer has been shrouded in the shadow of tragedy.
Everything is natural and perfect, narrated in a leisurely way, they laugh, they become more and more intimate. Two cold through the heart in the close to each other issued a weak light, warm each other, mutual salvation. He became her faith, but she became his weakness.
In order to revenge, he taught the girl hand by hand how to use the gun, but he extended a strong hand to protect her, so that she could not hold a gun, until finally, because of her reason and was killed.
In the final bloody battle, he used his extreme survival wisdom to compete with the other side. To protect Mathilda from death. After the heavy lethal weapon was launched, everyone thought that Leon, who was dead, disguised himself as a policeman and went to the exit. Outside were cherubs waiting for him. This gives hope for a happy life for two people on the front line. But it’s not out of pity, it’s to make people more desperate. It’s just that the really desperate don’t know whether it’s the people in the play, or the onlookers like us. One step away, heaven and man are separated forever. The bright sunlight outside the door is as suffocating as the dazzling blood light inside the door. He couldn’t escape after all, and as he walked towards the door just a few feet away, a pistol followed him. This is a thrilling subjective scene: the gradual tilt of the ground declares his death. He’s dead. It’s all over.
From an action film with a strange love story, the film is upgraded to an enlightenment film which explores the communication between lonely souls and the salvation of indifferent souls.
At first, Leon protected Mathilda, and then extended to two-way dependence and comfort; from his flat life as a killer, he transformed into a three-dimensional personality growth. The character eventually grew up, and he said to Mathilda, “you won’t lose it. I’ve just tasted the joy of life. ” But he died in the end.
Jean Reno’s performance was a surprise. I like his face full of vicissitudes. His Leon is undoubtedly a classic character. As pure and warm as wood, I feel like a stranger who has gone wrong in time and space. He maintained his survival by instinct in this downtown area. He lived so solidly that we felt heartache and pity.
The end of the story. The hatred that the girl can’t forget took him away. It seems that she had expected to return home

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