In fact, the whole movie is an experiment for Theo.

The experiment begins when Theo’s dad gives him a fish tank for his obsession with calculating instead of composing music.

“You need a pet.”

Theo discovered the vulnerability of frequency early because of his innate family genetic advantage, but under the environment of natural law, people only believe that the innate frequency is the key to determining the talent situation and emotion of a person’s life. Theo’s father chose to divide himself a free space of his own, but Theo wanted to do an experiment to see, if breaking the laws of nature, the world can become what it is.

Theo’s friend, the male protagonist is the first guinea pig of this experiment. In fact, I subjectively feel that Theo to the hero is almost no friendship factor in it, he is just like a prematurely mature talent kid, taking advantage of the hero’s low frequency of the situation of emotional dependence. Let the hero think Theo is helping him, while in fact, he is just observing. He already knew the use of particular words, but he did his own experiments, slowly experimenting with the steps he wanted to verify. He was his own God, the observer, who used computer calculations to foresee what would happen in the future, just like the final meeting and the conversation between him and his father. He believes he is the wisest seer.

I think the love scene in this movie is basically just a very small part of the movie, Theo’s experiment is the most important part of the whole movie. This experiment is about the span of frequency classes, whether people are determined by frequency, whether they are just machines, the free will of people, and the fear and ambition of the rulers.

Because there are too few reviews of this film, and I haven’t added any more details that I’ve forgotten。 I can only write a rough idea of my own afterthoughts. It’s very subjective. If there are more details to add, I hope to see a lot of comments.

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