This is a romantic thriller with a touch of mystery. The male lead character, Dylan, who has a strict routine, has an innate ability to observe things, and after a near-fatal plane crash, he found himself in a kind of reincarnation. Dylan met Sarah, a beautiful woman whom he fell in love with at first sight, and was surprised to discover that she was a passenger on the flight that almost caused in the accident. What’s more, they were born on the same day of the same month of the same year. Coincidences and increasingly frequent hallucinations seemed to connect their fates to a murder that occurred thirty years ago in New York’s Grand Central Terminal and to be about to be repeated.

The film is an excellent combination of Buddhist reincarnations and astrology. The main characters were born thirty years at the time of the murder, which seemed to imply that they were the reincarnations of the lovers in the tragedy, and they have a strong feeling that they knew each other. A star fell at the time of the tragedy thirty years ago in the New York City train station, and its last rays arrive on Earth thirty years later, and tragedy is about to happen again at the same time and place, where astrology is once again associated with fatalism. The entire film built up an atmosphere that indicated that everything has its own destiny. Under the cloak of horror, it is actually a kind of sad and beautiful love story. In a word, it is the story of a couple who died thirty years ago and then reincarnated thirty years later. The film was produced in a very sophisticated way, the overall give people a very “exquisite” feeling. The movie has beautiful shots and an excellent soundtrack, coupled with the handsome Mitchell Harshman and Theresa Palmer, making this film has a high ornamental value. There are a lot of scenes showing the city of New York City and Grand Central Station, which give a tour to the audiences who haven’t been to New York City.

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